NATO Vigilance Pin

$ 175

Ann Hand custom designed the NATO Vigilance Pin inspired by the dedication of Those who Serve to maintain peace. Sterling Silver, clad in 18k Gold with a green center crystal and single faux pearl. 

A card enclosed with the brooch reads:

"Vigalia Pretium Libertatis"-"Vigilance is the price of Liberty" is the official SHAPE motto. The golden sprays of olive leaves which form an open "V" symbolize vigilance and indicate the dedication of the NATO Nations to peace. The unsheathed swords signify the armed strength necessary to preserve that peace. The positioning of the swords form the letter "A" representing the Alliance. The 12 silver fronds signify the original signatories of the North Atlantic Treaty; by their position, they produce "rays of hope". The dark green emerald stone represents the peaceful woods and fields of Europe.  

Deluxe custom gift wrapping included at no charge to you.